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          Product introduction
          Slewing Drive
          With slewing bearing and hourglass shaft structure, slewing drive has many advantages, more teeth contact, high torque and
          Slewing Bearing
          Slewing bearing has different serial including single ball (01 serial), double ball (02 serial), triple roller (13 serial), cross
          stable rotation. It can withstand major axial, radial loading and tilting moment. We can produce enclosed housing (SE serial), precise (PE serial), Zero backlash (ZE serial), open housing (S serial), heavy duty (HS serial) slewing drive. Those slewing drives are applied to aerial platform, truck crane, marine crane, wind turbine and solar tracking system.
            roller (11 serial), double row ball (07 serial) ect. They are applied to gardening machinery, crane, shipping building, construction machinery, mineral equipment transportation device and satellite as well.
          reason why
          Worm Drive Slewing Rings
          Slewing drive from Shambon
          Shambon Slewing drive for aerial pla
          Analysis Method of Slewing Bearing
          application of slewing bearing
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