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          reason why
          Source :    Publication date: 2014/4/29    Read the number: 4209

          Analysis of the mini excavator needs contrarian up the reason why
          2011 countries on the purchase of real estate, and railway construction slowdown in the domestic construction market, the large and medium-sized excavator demand drastically reduced, coupled with second-hand excavator gradually enter the market, resulting in a temporary saturation of the excavator market , excavators sales since mid last year, has been in the continued depressed state. With the new rural transformation, urban expansion, municipal engineering, water conservancy and agricultural transformation, the demand for mini excavators contrarian up a excavator companies straw!
          ¡¡¡¡A small excavator selling reason is that since 2010, many provinces and cities nationwide mini excavator into the directory to the purchase of agricultural subsidies, which greatly stimulate the production of small excavators. But concerns, once subsidies canceled, mini excavator manufacturers may face market risk. As the new darling of the funds sought, mini excavator new barriers to entry low substitute threat strong, once the removal of subsidies, the loss of small excavator price advantage, loader mistakes will probably want to repeat.
          ¡¡¡¡China-made mini excavator profile:
          ¡¡¡¡In addition to Yuchai excavator exports to Europe in the early 1990s, mini-excavators, almost no Chinese manufacturer has a successful history of the export of small excavators. This situation is changed, expected that more companies will try to increase exports in the next few years. Sunward successfully established in the European market position, and has recently started to export products to the North American market. Other companies, such as Dalian Black Cat, Fukuda, constant special forces and Nanchang Chinese laborers will also be no doubt Development Center on exports. Doosan has a global parts supply base in Yantai, will undoubtedly become an increasingly important exporter. Despite the need to pay additional transportation costs and also increases the cost to buy high performance foreign parts, but the small second-hand excavators in China in the European market price is still 30% lower than foreign competitors. The current annual total sales in Europe and North America market reached 90,000 units, if the Chinese manufacturers to choose a reputable local agents, their sales will reach at least 10,000 units per year. Small second-hand excavator end-users are very sensitive to price, if the manufacturer is to provide good customer support, low-cost mini excavator will become a strong competitive product.

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