How To Join DSP

In order to prepare you for CrossFit, we have an introductory class called Elements. Please give us a call at 254-289-9224 or 254-681-2642 and we can set up a specific time for you or your group.

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It is our goal to introduce you to the basic movements of the lifts and exercises that are used in CrossFit. We plan to expose you to some CrossFit ‘lingo.’ (What IS a WOD anyway?)

Bring water to drink and dress ready to participate. You will get a chance to try out a few short workouts. We will even touch on nutrition.

OneMR Apparel

One MR is a clothing line inspired by CrossFit. Mental toughness is a skill worked in every WOD. Quitting isn’t an option. Pushing through the hard skills, sometimes One Rep at a time, develops the stamina muscle just as clearly as the quads, back and biceps.


If you are unsure if you can or should compete in a competition then this event is for you!

Wodapalooza is a beginner/intermediate CrossFit event and is open to the first 150 athletes and 30 teams registered.

"Extra effort steadily applied over time produces growth."

Daily WOD

Jul 29, 2014

Wed 7-30-2014

Rowling – 10 Rounds Row 100m exactly 0pts = 100m any meters under 100 is scored...